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This book is fun reading and allows you to see what it takes to become a Sommeliers. The author gives us her high paying journalism job to work in a high end restaurant where she simply has to move bottles of wine around. Is it all worth the pain? ........

An interesting book that takes you deep into the Gallo Dynasty and family secrets. Starting From the simple, American loved Jug wine to dominating the Wine Industry.

If you ever have wanted to know how Napa and Sonoma Valleys were put on the Wine maps, this is the book to read! " The judgement of Paris," describes the binding thoughts of those that mattered at a blind tasting in Paris. The Gold, Silver, Bronze of the line up went to Napa and Sonoma Valleys, and not to the French wines.

Of course Wine is seductive and sensual but there is another side to the Wine world ; the Business side. With all the glamour and prestige, the goal of every wine maker/owner, day in day out is to make a large profit. What really goes on in a winery before the doors open and guests are greeted?

Robert Mondavi, maybe the Godfather of Wine marketing! Not only did he market Napa Valley in such a way that the location of the grapes became a value, but he insisted on getting California wines into French restaurants in New York.

It is sad to read that the Mondavi family had such inner turmoil, but nevertheless pushed themselves up to the top and made themselves a force to be reckoned with.

This book is not so much about wine as it is about the American culinary world. I have not got my hands on it yet but am always interested to see the interaction between food and wine. The deep dark secrets are there, whether we choose to see it or not.

A must read....why is one bottle of wine more expensive than another? What makes this elixir so expensive?

This book has suspense, has wine, has a plot, has wine, has shadows, has wine, has vineyards, has wine and well, you will like it! Give it a read!!

An awesome biography of Craig and Katherine Hall. How did they know how to build an empire? Alone Katherine Hall is one of the most successful women in wine, but with her husband along side her....

This book is so intriguing to me because the story, although very simple, takes you deep inside it, where you come out the other side, never buying a bottle of Merlot again, and buying all the Pinot Noir you can get your hands on.

Still need to read this one but I am presuming it has something to do with the Nose!

When we think of strong and talented women in wine the name that should be on the top of the list is the Widow Clicquot. A young woman happily married, loses her husband to illness and has no choice but to learn and run what was to become the most successful Champagne House throughout the world.

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