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Perfect for Larger Groups!

We humans are highly impressionable creatures. 
We pride ourselves for our reasoning, logical, and distancing ability to be impartial in most all matters. How ever the truth is far from the reality!

The beauty of having the label covered up allows us to use our senses intensely. We are calling this Experience  " JUST MY SENSES, NOT YOUR PRICES".

Have you wanted to be a Winemaker for a Day? Our newest activity allows your competitive side to come out while working as a team. This is once again fantastic for Team Building and Birthdays. You will taste a Bordeaux Blend and will try to replicate that, while designing your own label and winery name. You will then come up with the most creative way to sell us your one of a kind wine 

( please note this is all for fun and nobody is buying or selling this wine). You will walk away knowing how producers come up with their style of wine. We are calling this Experience " WINE BLENDERS GONE ROGUE".

By Tasting Wines Blind- you essentially level the playing field amongst all wines, or at the least, amongst all wines from a specific region or of a specific varietal that you’ve chosen to taste test. 
Impartiality is the upholding principle in wine tastings and wine ratings.
So if we know beforehand what wines we’re tasting, that impartiality will be irreparably damaged - perhaps completely lost. 

Why is it fun to create your own make believe Wine Brand, through our Wine-Maker Event? The truth is that you will see a creative side in yourself and your team that you probably didn't know was there. Get away from the stress of the office and let your team have fun and laugh because in these times, this may be the most needed thing for us all! 

Please fill out form below and we will send you information. These events are totally custom so we will work together to make it perfect for your group

Tastings Event

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