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Working in the wine industry for the last seven years has allowed me to see how intimidating wine tasting can be for a person new to wine. Therefore I have taken everything that I have learned and broken it down to its simplest form. Our wine 101 class is the perfect start to your wine tasting weekend.

Step 1

Shop for 6 Bottles of Wine

Under Vintners Collection




4-Pinot Noir

5- Red Blend

6- Cabernet Sauvignon

Step 2

Make sure to get 15% discount on 6 Bottles 


30% discount 

on 12 Bottles 


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Step 3

Pay $10 Shipping fee for anywhere that we ship to in the United States 

(there are a few states that we are unable to ship to)


Step 4

Click on the link on Home page which says ONLINE BOOKING

under Services follow steps to pay for both sessions

Each session is $25 per person or  $50 for the two sessions pp

Pick the Wednesday or Friday class and then wait for a Zoom invite

 WINE 101 

  • Learn about the most popular wines ; Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Get your weekend wine tasting started, ready to taste like a pro

  • Pairing wines with a cheese and how it alters our taste buds

  • Tasting room Etiquette do's & don'ts 

  • Understanding "The Tasting Flight" at a winery

  • From the Vineyard to Production to the Glass

  • Napa, Sonoma and Central Valley Geography & History

Find our 101 wine class

We offer WINE 101 classes at 2 locations : in Kenwood, CA and in Novato, CA   

Our 90 minute beginner wine class will get you feeling comfortable with going wine tasting and ordering wine from the menu at a restaurant. This class will go from Vine to Wine.

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